Core Social Profiles You Should Be Using in 2017 (and beyond)

social profile list core 2017Top Social Profiles You Should Use in 2017

So here it is the top Social Profiles that you should be building. For your money site it’s absolutely stupid if you don’t have these… a PBN, I would recommend picking out 5-10 for every PBN you have. But if you want to create legitimate PBNs that looks real both on page and off, I recommend doing more 10-20 at least. I noticed over my network that the most healthy PBNs have a good social reach throughout the net….


So here it is, the bare bones of RtB (Ranking Through Branding)… It of course is just the links, the tactic of RtB I’m still holding back for the moment, but I will be sharing the larger sized profiles you can build to here in another couple months.
Just know, that this bulk list of sites will work in synergy with the larger ‘core’ profiles (150 more profiles) I’ll be sharing here in a couple months… Remember, it took me over 8 months to procure this list coming up and I could easily have you pay me for it and it would be worth it..
But, my deviousness really is coming down to some services I’ll be recommending (from yours truly) that will help you build your money sites faster and stronger after plugging your sites and PBNs into the RtB tactic, I’ll also be offering to build an RtB network for you, if you happen to be that lazy type of Internet Marketer 😛 kinda like me. (Works like a charm with local and affiliate!)’

You can always get a hold of me on FaceBook or Konker if you need help.

Core Profile List: