Never Believe a Prediction That Doesn’t Empower You – Sean Stephenson

The Prison of Your Mind

Sean Stephenson the Jail of Your MindI’ve been exposed to Sean Stephenson before and I really enjoyed his talks. About how far he has come and how much adversity he has jumped over to get where he is now. In this talk he really breaks down a very simply law of humanity and that is, everyone wants to be loved. But not by their parents, their peers or their family. The love everyone is really after is self love and until we can really break down and allow in our lives and to allow folly to slide off our back and to stop beating ourselves up, we will always be in the prison of our minds!

Happiness, Success and Well Being in life comes from these first steps of accepting that everyone is out to see you succeed in life. Everyone is plotting for your well-being and happiness. Really amazing talk I highly recommend actually listening to Sean Stephenson’ Ted Talk to the Riverwood Prison.

Discover now the psychology of being self-motivated and what that means to your life and to your ultimate happiness pursuing what makes you happy in life!

-Nathan J Scheer
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