How to get Unstuck from Negativity in Life – Alison Ledgerwood

How to remove negativity that sticks!

Alison Ledgerwood Removing NegativityThis was a great speech at a Ted talk by Alison Ledgerwood. She is a psychologist that studies human behavior, and through her research she has found many interesting points about the fact that negativity sticks around longer then a general positive encounter! In the end she basically says that the way to remove the droopy blues that we all get from negativity is by being grateful about the good things in life.

Here is a simple step to get rid of depression and the negativity that follows after “bad days”. Get a journal out, start writing as many things as you are happy and grateful for every day when you wake up! Science has proven this simple method creates happiness, defuses negativity and actually improves your health!

HEY that’s pretty awesome, let’s get to this!

-Nathan J Scheer
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