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How to Attract Customers and Make Money ​with ​Ranking through Branding (RtB) SEO!



Crush it With ​RtB!

​Branding is what Google wants to see with ALL businesses. You can safely use these techniques on ALL types of URL properties!

​This training is all about taking full advantage of Googles expectations!​

The Fastest Way for You to Profit With ​RtB!

Many people are intimidated by ​SEO and what it truly means to do "SEO"... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming? It's time to realize that this represents a massive advantage for you, if you learn the simple techniques for creating perfectly branded web properties ​you'll gain an edge over your competition. You can even give your VA (virtual assistant) these simple over the shoulder training videos and have them do it for you for over 75%-90% off the normal industry prices!

RtB is perfect for all types of business properties:

Local, Affiliate, Non-profits, Videos and anything else that has a URL

What You'll ​Receive Inside Ranking through Branding

​RtB 'Core Lift' + GEO TAG Profiles

​You'll be given the 40 CORE profiles and around 35 GEO TAG profiles you should use with all your properties. You'll receive over the shoulder training for EACH profile so you do it correctly! 

​SEO Secrets

​I will also teach you my secret to gaining links and citations from popular websites that no one else is teaching. As well as ways to get your business listed locally without requesting a Google ​post card! GREAT for ​resident based addresses. (at home businesses)

​Our Massive List

​A great reason to jump into RtB is that we've been gathering profiles and websites you can ​easily get links on and they are updated several times a year and added to constantly! 90% have a "how to" section so you ALWAYS get the most out of your links that 99% of the internet marketers are missing.

The Traffic Advantage

​Besides also having a complete SEO course, we also teach you how to utilize brand searches and viral social traffic to gain a foothold in your niche! We also offer huge discounts to all our members for traffic and even full SEO done for you at prices that will never be seen outside this group!

What Others ​SEOs Saying:

​Nigel Mordaunt ​Search Engine Marketer​ 

​"R​tB is one of the most powerful and safe tools an SEO has available to them. We use Honorable SEO's R​tB system on every page we SEO, with some of the most competitive rankings under our belt our SEO agency now incorporates this into our ABC's and is an absolute must in todays SEO"


​Ken Sitti Search Engine Marketer

​"RtB is a real deal ranking service with an up-to-date approach. Honorable SEO, will definitely push your sites to the moon using the RtB method."


What Customers are Saying::

​"The Best Value Gig I've Ever Purchase"

​This is a pricey gig and I wouldn't normally spend this much on a single order, but after seeing the work that went in and the level of quality that was put in when creating the profiles, I would consider this to be one of the best value gig I've ever purchased. ​... (a month later) 03/24: Quick update. The client's site is now on page one for two keywords that they want to rank for. They're also ranking #4 on the maps, which is a considerable jump from where they were a month ago.

​Dyquiaro Konker //  ​Past Client

​"I Have More Work Than I can Handle"

​...That is all I need at this point. I have stopped taking on new work ... as I have more work than I can handle at the moment.

​Roofout in Evergreen, CO //  ​Past Client

​"You Took us from Nobody to Somebody"

​A brilliant ride, honestly... I had my doubts as so many marketers in the past have burned me. You took us from nobody to somebody and provided us with an ROI... I'm blown away and have renewed my faith in online marketing. Thank you.

​Ingrid Khadijah​ USA Psychic //  ​​Current Client

"Moved up 10 Spots in the SERPs for the Main Keyword"

I waited a while before rating this service... Today I can finally say that this service definitely gave my website a good boost! It moved up 10 spots in the SERPs for the main keyword... The rankings had been stuck for months now and this was the only service/links built to the site in the last couple of months. Very happy with the results, I'm a long term client.

​Tkent123 Konker //  Past Client

​"Got me on the First Page for my ... Keyword"

​Got me on the first page for my specific keyword ... Really impressed! Will be back to do more business...!

​Gunther Konker //  Past Client

​"I'm Still Getting Valuable Leads after 3 Years!"

​My website hasn't been updated for over 3 years and I'm still getting valuable leads for drug rehab. SEO has been the single best investment I put into this website to reach out to people who need help.

​Richard Mays Drug Rehab // Past Client

​"1st Page Above-the-Fold Rankings for Multiple Keywords"

​Unbelievably solid service... I literally am having 1st page above-the-fold rankings for multiple keywords (Even primary keywords with medium competition are also ranking ...)

​Whippedwarrior  Konker // Past Client

​"We've Seen HUGE Jumps in our Rankings"

​​You completely over did yourself. Our in house marketers are in awe with your RtB ​and we are happy that you finally let us see the inside workings of th​is branding strategy, within a weeks times we've seen HUGE jumps in our rankings ... some of these have been stuck for over half a year ... we tried everything. Thanks ​Nate!

​Elli Sanders  Adult and Ecommerce //  ​​Current Client

​"We've Never had Leads Call from our Website ... Before"

​Every single location you've created for us ranks. We've never had leads call from our website being online before.

​Dennis Scheer ​Scheer Construction Northridge //  ​​Current Client

​"Honorable SEO Went Above and Beyond"

​...Honorable SEO went above and beyond... I wish every seller on Konker had the same commitment to see their clients be successful.

​Mgringo  Konker //  Past Client

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