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Greetings! We might want to work with you… read on:

We’ve replaced the discovery form with the basic contact form. I am opening the doors back up but we will not be able to begin your work until our newest training is finished for our staff (later this month/early next). We’ve been bombarded after taking over Lakewood, Evergreen, Arvada and Golden SEO and Marketing. We are now moving on to Denver. These have all been research type location pages in which we have easily taken.

Our newest method revolves around completely branding and reaching out to your audiences. We no longer completely rely on just Google to get you customers. But in the end we’ll only be opening up for so many clients as I am now ready to build my business in Japan. That is where my heart truly lies. I love marketing A LOT, however it’s the process I wanted to learn so I can use it for something I truly loved dealing with, which is all things Japan.

We’ll have a few that we’ll take with us. Basically no one can just apply and get in, we have to like what you’re doing and where you’re going with your business. Not to be mean but I’m not out to make friends and alliances with everyone I’m simply just not interested. I have my own dreams as well, I created this site to refine my marketing abilities and it’s been a ride. We’re ready to put our stamp on Denver now just for the heck of it before going all in with my website at Nihon Scope (A Japanese based educational business formed in Fukuoka, Japan).

Thank you for understanding and for those who think you might want to work with us long term we are open to your inquiry… Please don’t call I don’t answer the business number between the constant inquiries for free SEO audits and requests I simply have begun to ignore calls for the moment, it’s easier for me to screen e-mails and I’ll reach out afterwards,

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Thank you,

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Nathan Scheer