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Honorable Non-Profit – Our Family Orphan Communities

For a good handful of years now I’ve known Robert Miller, he is the owner and founder of the non-profit “Our Family Orphan Communities”. It’s a revolutionary idea of combating poverty in the world.  Robert has said the cure for poverty is not throwing dollars at the problem. Many times he points out many well meaning organizations are really only tackling one challenge at a time and because of that, many holes are left open festering causing further challenges in the future.

Robert has been able to create a system that brings all the solutions of “curing” poverty and makes it so it’s self sustainable. But not only that, inside this self sustainable community he has locals that come to the community to adopt children that badly need it. I could go on, but I would highly recommend just listening to his audio interview below. Also be sure to visit for more information!

I’m happy to be bringing more attention to men and women of business that have gone far beyond their regular calls of duty. Their honorable business practices continue to make huge splash’s in the world by showing humanity in all that they do. I continue to look forward to learning more ways to bring honor, loyalty and truth to the SEO world.

-Honorable Nate


Noble Ethics in Business in Japan.

Japanese Airline SEOLoyalty to a Cause Haruku Nishimatsu
(see video below!)
I just found this video about Haruku Nishimatsu the CEO of JAL (Japanese Airlines). He is cutting his OWN pay and reconstructing his business to increase company revenue as well as keep people employed. This type of responsibility in business is what Honorable men do. I strive to find men like this and follow their lead in honor and loyalty. I believe a person deserves to be rewarded for their hard work and I believe very strongly his efforts will pay him dividends for the rest of his life.
In SEO I feel studying and researching people who are dynamically changing the way business is done is the best bet to make sure that my focus is purely on creating a workable atmosphere for all involved.