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Economics in One Lesson – Review

Economics in One LessonEconomics in One Lesson

by: Henry Hazlitt

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This is a great book and can help you really step into the mind of Ron Paul and how he orchestrated his ideas while serving in public office. Basics of it.. You take or limit free market, it will negatively affect a group of other people. Always, no exceptions, there is always a third party that will end up paying for the decisions of those making the rules.
From tariffs and why they are shit to why social security is absolute garbage, this guy nails it. And now I can see why Ron Paul suggests this book so highly. It SHOULD be something they teach in school, but to allow people to peer under the table at what is really happening when unions and minimum wage step in, you’d probably have a group of people stepping into the voting/work force and changing it.
Democrats are purely on the other side of this book and so much so, that it’s scary. People like AOC and Ilhan Omar and other freshmen democrats have no ideas what the hell they are talking about, no do they no ANYTHING in this book, and I’m sure they were elected for that very reason. The destruction of currency and a free market will quickly bring about a world economic system which is what we are seeing now with Big C.
It’s not about health, it’s about destroying as much free market as possible.
Here is the break down on the book on Amazon:
Critic Reviews
“If there were a Nobel Prize for clear economic thinking, Mr. Hazlitt’s book would be a worthy recipient…like a surgeon’s scalpel, it cuts through…much nonsense that has been written in recent years about our economic ailments.” (J.W. Hanes, former Undersecretary of the Treasury)
Publisher’s Summary
Called by H.L. Mencken, “one of the few economists in history who could really write,” Henry Hazlitt achieved lasting fame for his brilliant but concise work. In it, he explains basic truths about economics and the economic fallacies responsible for unemployment, inflation, high taxes, and recession. Covering considerable ground, Hazlitt illustrates the destructive effects of taxes, rent and price controls, inflation, trade restrictions, and minimum wage laws. And, he writes about key classical liberal thinkers like John Locke, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, John Stuart Mill, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Herbert Spencer.

Alexander Hamilton

Learn more about Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton

Written by: Charles Arthur Conant | Narrated by: John Pruden

This was a great little book that gives you an idea of who Alexander was and how his aggressive mindset and unwaving fortitude at times that helped shaped the nation. Knew a basic overview of his life thanks to high school teachers who were not pieces of crap, however there is always a good amount of information missing about these great founders of the nation.

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An orphan in the Caribbean, then a hero in the Revolutionary War, then the first Secretary of the US Treasury, Alexander Hamilton led a dazzling rags-to-riches life of fantastic proportions. Get to know the ten-dollar Founding Father in this classic account — first published in 1901 — that chronicles the extraordinary journey of one of the most influential men in United States history.


Founding father Alexander Hamilton led a passionate and meaningful life. Nicknamed Little Lion for his short stature and bold ideas, Hamilton played an integral role in the founding of America’s union after the Revolutionary War as well the drafting and executing of America’s Constitution.

His life, chronicled in Charles Arthur Conant’s biography of him, exemplifies hard work and accomplishment. Along with fighting in the Revolutionary War, he became America’s first secretary of the Treasury under Washington’s administration, where he set up the nation’s first financial system.

This biographical account of Hamilton’s life shows how important he was to the birth and eventual administration of the young American nation. The life of Alexander Hamilton, as recently performed in the Broadway musical.

Malcolm and Me

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About This Audible Original And another Audible Original… quick tid bit about a guy who interviewed Malcolm X. Some overall ideas of how the social environment was back in the 60’s and how Malcolm saw that black history was being “cotton picked” and most of it skewed. Although interesting to get a better feel for this man, this is certainly not my usual cup of tea, although it does reinforce the importance of history and genetic history at that… it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or pink. Where your ancestors have come from does matter and the truth of their history is VERY important.
We are all victims of censorship and straight out lies about our past (all of us). It’s not a mystery…. people in power for a long time have agreed to skew the reality of history in so many different ways, you should highly consider that the head of the CIA around this time said their goal is deceive us all by telling us lies….
The quote goes something like this:
“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
^Yeah, that was actually said.. get over it. Snopes can’t help you with this one.
Well, this has been going on a long time before this statement.
Spiritual and Physically it’s important to understand your genetics. It sort of reminds me of hypnosis, once you understand certain things about it, you can break certain conditioning that’s been imposed spiritual against certain races, which is not what I want to discuss now as I’m off to finish building my multi-million dollar marketing platform.
PEACE – here is the break down on Audible:

In 1960, Ishmael Reed, then an aspiring young writer, interviewed Malcolm X for a local radio station in Buffalo, New York. The encounter cost Reed his job and changed his life. In Malcolm and Me, Reed, acclaimed author of such classic novels as Mumbo Jumbo and winner of a MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship, reveals a side of Malcolm X the public has never seen before, while exploring how the civil rights firebrand influenced his own views on working, living, speaking out, and left a mark on generations of artists and activists.

Malcolm X was one of the most influential human rights activists in history and his views on race, religion, and fighting back changed America and the world. Reed gives us a clear-eyed view of what the man was really like—beyond the headlines and the myth-making. Malcolm and Me is a personal look at the development of an artist and a testament to how chance encounters we have in our youth can transform who we are and the world we live in.

David and Goliath Review

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This is a great book, actually I super recommend it being that the current situation has everyone going full covidiot. But other than that it’s a great opportunity to know why you can control a situation and why you can’t.

The perception of power needs to be legitimate.

–I don’t have time to go into this like my other books I got other stuff to do but here is a good cliffnote review of the book:

Gladwell opens with a re-telling of the classic story of David and Goliath and then goes onto to explain all of the historical inaccuracies in the tale and how this has shaped our understanding of what it takes to beat a giant.

Giants can be such things as a disability, misfortune or oppression. But as you read on you find it is also a basketball team, an education model, impressionist painting, the ability to read, experiencing the death of a parent before the age of 15, power to name a few.

Gladwell proposes that what gives a giant its strength can also be its greatest weakness. Knowing how to identify that weakness to your advantage is how you become David. “the powerful and strong are not always what they seem” “There is a set of advantages that have to do with material resources, and there are a set that have to do with the absence of material resources.”

Hitting Singles with Jeremy Gilley

Peace One Day with Jeremy Gilley:
How to Create Global Cease for just One Day!

Jermey Gilley and Jude Law Peace One DayI found this man Jeremy Gilley a brilliant persistent individual. But more importantly this idea of Global Peace Day (September 21st Ever Year) is brilliant. Just like he says in the last part of the speech, by dropping a single drop of anything into a glass of pure water, will change it forever! In this, I see this a fundamental movement towards global peace worldwide. Why? Because many times people go out trying to hit home runs! Meaning, they have the idea in hand to create a peaceful world, but they come from it backwards. This man it simple hitting singles (in baseball), just make a little wave here and there, and really, that’s how you change the world. A little here and little there.

By speaking to the individual, he believes that will ultimately change the world. Governments and Country Politics are only a very small piece to gaining world peace. It all starts with you!

Great speech, although I think that the truth about polio-vaccinations should be exposed as fraud. I didn’t like that part of the speech. Although, I’m looking at it from a positive point of view. When you watch it, you’ll see that the Taliban actually adopted this day, so over all, even with the disaster of the polio-vaccination, this is TRUE movement for world peace!

In time polio-vaccinations will be exposed, at this time, this is the way to go in regards to a global cease fire!

Discover What 83,000 Brain Scans Tell You About Your Brain.

Nathan J Scheer
Honorable SEO

Daniel Amen – Fixing the Problem by Looking at the Brain

There’s more to Psychology then Throwing Darts in the Dark

Daniel Amen Brain ScanThis was a pretty amazing talk with Daniel Amen, about how he took a specialized brain scan technique into the psychology field. What he learned was that you can not treat everyone the same when it come to full on treatment of the challenge. Over the 20+ years he has seen over 83,000 brain scans and has really come to understand that you can fix the brain and the challenges created by them. If you are someone you love has any kind of brain damage or psychological problem, you may want to look into Daniel Amen’s work on nuerological psychology!

Great talk, very inspiration and healing towards future generations.

Nathan J Scheer

Overcoming Hopelessness – Nick Vujicic

Amazing Message About Hope

Nick-Vujicic Overcoming HopelessnessI’ve seen several different messages with Nick in it before! Really cool guy. If you have not followed my posts over the past couple days, I’ve purposefully found “disabled” individuals that are speaking on Ted Talks so you can see and hear a universal message about hope and over coming challenges in every day life. Every single one of these individuals has a message of not feeling bad about them. But more importantly, they all support the message of love and seeing value in every single person.

This effects your entire life on how you see others and what they do or do not have.

“Why do we kill each other with our words!”

-Nathan J Scheer

Sam Berns – 3 Philosophies to Keep Moving Forward

Sam Berns in How to Keep Positive and Moving Constantly Forward

This little guy is a bad ass! Sam has progeria and he is 17 years old. This was a pretty good talk, he seemed a bit nervous during the middle of this talk, but WOW he has really come a long way and has some Sam Bernsvery solid advise that can be utilized by. One point I liked about this was the he sounds very similar to Sean Stephenson in the Ted Talk the Prison of Your Mind. It seems more and more people that have “disabilities” keep coming out and exclaiming that “You should not pitty me!”.

I really look up to these individuals as they give me hope, courage, strength and inner wisdom to live my life to fullest and that everything is possible. The main points of life:

Happiness, Excite and Love can be had by every single person on this planet, no matter what!

See for yourself!

PS: Even though Sam passed away in 2014 in Jan, I believe his quote saying that he believes he can change the world has come true. The inspiration of his life should echo through out history influencing more individuals to live their life to the fullest and not be afraid of what comes in life!

-Nathan J Scheer
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