Hitting Singles with Jeremy Gilley

Peace One Day with Jeremy Gilley:
How to Create Global Cease for just One Day!

Jermey Gilley and Jude Law Peace One DayI found this man Jeremy Gilley a brilliant persistent individual. But more importantly this idea of Global Peace Day (September 21st Ever Year) is brilliant. Just like he says in the last part of the speech, by dropping a single drop of anything into a glass of pure water, will change it forever! In this, I see this a fundamental movement towards global peace worldwide. Why? Because many times people go out trying to hit home runs! Meaning, they have the idea in hand to create a peaceful world, but they come from it backwards. This man it simple hitting singles (in baseball), just make a little wave here and there, and really, that’s how you change the world. A little here and little there.

By speaking to the individual, he believes that will ultimately change the world. Governments and Country Politics are only a very small piece to gaining world peace. It all starts with you!

Great speech, although I think that the truth about polio-vaccinations should be exposed as fraud. I didn’t like that part of the speech. Although, I’m looking at it from a positive point of view. When you watch it, you’ll see that the Taliban actually adopted this day, so over all, even with the disaster of the polio-vaccination, this is TRUE movement for world peace!

In time polio-vaccinations will be exposed, at this time, this is the way to go in regards to a global cease fire!

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