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Written by: Charles Arthur Conant | Narrated by: John Pruden

This was a great little book that gives you an idea of who Alexander was and how his aggressive mindset and unwaving fortitude at times that helped shaped the nation. Knew a basic overview of his life thanks to high school teachers who were not pieces of crap, however there is always a good amount of information missing about these great founders of the nation.

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An orphan in the Caribbean, then a hero in the Revolutionary War, then the first Secretary of the US Treasury, Alexander Hamilton led a dazzling rags-to-riches life of fantastic proportions. Get to know the ten-dollar Founding Father in this classic account — first published in 1901 — that chronicles the extraordinary journey of one of the most influential men in United States history.


Founding father Alexander Hamilton led a passionate and meaningful life. Nicknamed Little Lion for his short stature and bold ideas, Hamilton played an integral role in the founding of America’s union after the Revolutionary War as well the drafting and executing of America’s Constitution.

His life, chronicled in Charles Arthur Conant’s biography of him, exemplifies hard work and accomplishment. Along with fighting in the Revolutionary War, he became America’s first secretary of the Treasury under Washington’s administration, where he set up the nation’s first financial system.

This biographical account of Hamilton’s life shows how important he was to the birth and eventual administration of the young American nation. The life of Alexander Hamilton, as recently performed in the Broadway musical.

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